Monthly Archives: July 2023

Kaspa on Rust: Testnet 11

Redefining proof-of-work consensus speeds at 10 BPS. Testnet 11 Testnet 11, the experimental network and proving grounds of Kaspa’s 10 BPS (blocks per second) speeds, marks an innovative breakthrough in cryptocurrency and cryptography. A testnet is a “sandbox” environment that allows developers to try out new technologies and approaches in a controlled setting, which is precisely […]

Kaspa Achieves 10 BPS in Testnet, Sets a New Benchmark in Cryptocurrency

June 26, 2023 – Kaspa, a pioneering proof-of-work platform offering fast and scalable solutions, announces a historic milestone: achieving an unprecedented 10 Blocks Per Second (BPS) on its testnet. This breakthrough sets a new standard in the world of cryptography and cryptocurrency, ready to overturn the existing constraints of transaction and block speeds within proof-of-work […]

Kaspa Developers Meeting July 2023

A developers meeting was held to shed light on the exciting advancements of Kaspa. DEV Talks Starting with the Rust contributors’ achievements before launch, as discussed by Michael, it’s essential to understand the role of the Rust rewrite. Known for its speed and reliability, Rust is a programming language that has become integral to the Kaspa […]

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