If you are looking where to  buy any KASPA MINER ONLINE ( iBelink, Iceriver, Antminer, Goldshell, Innosilicon?  You are on the right SHOP



Welcome to KASPA MINER SHOP Ltd, your trusted partner in the world of cryptocurrency mining. Here at KASPA MINER SHOP , we’re all about giving our customers the best experience. We offer top-notch kaspa mining machines.

We started back in 2021. Since then, we’ve been working hard to be experts in blockchain technology with a team that knows their stuff and salespeople who are ready to help. People from all over the world, like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Russia, trust us.

When you shop with KASPA MINER SHOP, you’re in safe hands. We’re committed to making sure you’re completely happy with your purchase—because when you win, we win too. Come and be part of our journey to make mining easy and efficient for everyone.

What are our prices

We will offer you very competitive prices.

We have built strong partnerships with manufacturers, which allows us to offer one of the most competitive prices on the market. So if you come across a machine you like, place your order quickly and we will keep it in stock for you.

Note: If you need to order a large quantity of machines, you can contact our sales staff . Same goes for our HOSTING offer.

Also, we usually have HIGH discount due to some activities such as FESTIVITIES, HOLIDAYS, HIGH CRYPTOCURRENCIES RATE. Our prices depend on our board members and partners who provide us with the miners for sale.

Technical Support & Miner Hosting

We provide technical support for 30 days for free of charge. We send you documentation to assist you how to set up your miner properly. For any issue, you can contact any operator online or wechat for direct assistance.

Concerning Hositng of miners, we suggest to discuss directly to an operator for proper setting up and follow up. The hosting is very simple. When you confirm your order, we  take up to 2 to 3 days depending on our mining farm. You will start receive daily income into your wallet without any stress. 

Orders and Payment

We have 2 ways to make order. You can make order directly on our online platform or make order from any of our operator online or WeChat. 
We know that some client may have bad experience to pay complete invoice, depending on countries, we take upfront payment of 25% + shipment as first instalment. When we have agreed, we will inform the shipment company to hold parcel until delivery. After verification of your parcel, you will have to confirm payment instantly.

We accept Kas coin and other cryptocurrencies. For any other method of payment, we always recommend our client to convert it into cryptocurrency before making any transaction with us. 

Take note, order that has not been verified are automatically cancelled.